Adega Sernande, 'Chanzos' Mencia-Soucon Tinto 2020

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Born in the steep slopes, this Ribiera Sacra 'mountain wine' is unlike its brethren. A touch wild, but rewarding with a touch of patience (and a slight chill). 

+ GRAPES: Organic. 80% Mencia + 20% Soucon

+ WINEMAKING: 30% Whole-cluster fermentation. Wild yeast. Used, neutral barrel and very low sulphur. 

+ PROFILE: Umami all around. I'm dry, medium bodied and have a lovely herbal nose of dill fronds and a spicy whisper of horseradish. Dried floral tones, cherry, white plum, savory mineral and slate finish.

+ PRO TIP: Uncork me and pop me in the fridge for 15 minutes before enjoying

+ FUN FACT: The 60's style label was inspired by original poster for Alfred Hitchcock's 'Vertigo', referencing the high altitudes and steep slopes where these grapes are grown.

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