Barbacan, 'Jazpemi' Cru Valgella Rosso 2018

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Labor Of Love 
These vineyards in Lombardia are grown and harvested by hand at incredible altitudes by the Sega family. One of the most challenging areas in the world to make wine. 

GRAPES: 90% Chiavannesca (local dialect for Nebbiolo); 10% combo of Rossolo, Pignola, Chiavannascino from the Cru of Valgella in Valtellina. 

FUNDAMENTALS: Organic, lo-fi. Native yeast, unfined, unfiltered. Aged one year in barrel. Just a whisper of sulfur at bottling. 

PROFILE: Lighter and more etherial than your average Nebbiolo. Harmonic rendering of red fruit and spice. Red fruits and cherries meet dusty cocoa and tobacco. Finishes with some seriously velvety tannins. 

PAIRINGS: Red meat dishes, stews, game, pungent cheeses

FUN FACTS: The Barbacan labels are inspired by the Neolithic rock paintings that are found among the terraces in the Teglio region. Also, these boys have a serious dance cru/ew game on Tic-Tok and Instagram. Bam!

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