Cardedu, Sardegna 'Bucce Bianco' (Orange) 2019

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Rainbow Bright
This dry, skin-contact white comes from 4th-generation accidental natural-wine hipsters, Cardedu, in Sardegna. 

BASICS: Dry, lightly tannic, clean (vs. overtly natty). Two days skin contact. 

BLEND: Vermentino, Cannonau, Nasco

FLAVOR PROFILE: Sour plum, sea salt, dusty white flowers, wild Mediterranean herbs, honeycomb, roasted orange peel. Reminiscent of a really groovy fino sherry. 

PAIRING: Bring on anything with an 'agrodolce' (sweet-salty) feel to it, like pasta con le sarde or even Indian food. 

FUN FACT: Only 500 cases made (!)

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