Celler Credo, ‘Miranius’ Penedes Xarel-lo 2019

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Seriously Foxy Wine

+ GRAPES: 100% Xarel-lo, grown in limestone

+ FUNDAMENTALS: Organic, biodynamic. Native yeast, all stainless steel (unoaked), aged on the lees. Unfiltered, low sulfur. 

+ PROFILE: Dry. Medium body. Crisp acidity, minerally, yellow apple, green pear

+ PAIRINGS: Spring veggies, summer salads, salty salume, sunsets

+ FUN FACTS: Celler Credo is the still-wine side hustle for famed Cava house, Recaredo. The Xarel-lo grape is mostly known for making Cava. The name 'Miranius' loosely translates to 'peers into nests' in Catalan, after the foxes that come looking for a tasty snack in the vineyards. 

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