CEP by PEAY, Russian River Pinot Noir Rose 2020

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A Rosé By Any Other Name
A second label from storied producer, PEAY, in Sonoma California. But certainly not diminutive in elegance. 

GRAPE: 100% Pinot Noir (clones 113 & 115)

FUNDAMENTALS: Organic. Direct-press rosé. vinified in stainless steel. 

PROFILE: Dry. Medium body. Clean, bright. Champagne on the nose, dry strawberry, watermelon, red berries and a minerally pink sea salt on the finish. 

PAIRINGS: Salmon, hors d'oeuvres, frittata, summer salads

FUN FACT: A mere 750 cases made. This is limited juice, and an exceptional value:quality ratio. 

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