Clos des Mourres, 'Pompette' Rose 2022

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+ GRAPE: 100% Caladoc, a hybrid cross between Grenache x Malbec from Vaucluse, Rhone (France)

+ FUNDAMENTALS: Organic, biodynamic, natural. Direct-press rosé. Hand harvested, wild yeast. All stainless steel vinification. Low sulfur. 

+ PROFILE: All the pinks: passionfruit, Himalayan salt, peppercorn, grapefruit. Medium body and acidity. Tiny production.

+ PAIRINGS: Greek salad, BLT sandwich, fried calamari 

+ FUN FACTS: Mourres are wild greens; these grow naturally in Vaucluse. Pompette translates to 'tipsy' in French. Vraiment sassy!

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