Dinamo, 'Nucleo 1' Rosso (NV) - 1L

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Energetic Red Liter From A Legend (Or Two)

+ GRAPES: 50-50 blend of Sangiovese + Gamay del Trasimeno (a.k.a. Grenache) from Umbria.
N.B. The Gamay designation is a wild misnomer!

+ FUNDAMENTALS: Organic. Fermented and finished in fiberglass tanks. Wild yeast, unfined, unfiltered, zero added sulfur. Low-fi. 

+ PROFILE: Dry. Medium body, tannins, acidity. Juicy cherry, touch of herbal-spice, silky red fruit.

+ PAIRINGS: Pop the crown cap to let breathe a bit, and chill liberally. This goes down easy with sausage-olive pizza, pasta puttanesca, pasta all norma, anything parm-ed. Loves a good briny companion. 

+ FUN FACTS: The Dinamo project is a nod to the historic peasant wines of Umbria. It features the collaboration between winemakers Danilo Nofrini and Danilo Marcucci - a legend with outsized influence on the Italian natural wine scene.

The name Dinamo is inspired by Italian physicist, Antonio Pacinotti, inventor of a direct-current generator. This lively, energetic wine lives up to its namesake. 

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