Domaine du Nozay, 'Clos du Nozay' Amphora Sancerre 2019

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The Sounds of Sancerre

+ GRAPES: 100% old-vine Sauvignon Blanc, grown in Kimmeridgian soil (ancient seabed)

+ FUNDAMENTALS: Organic, biodynamic, Demeter-certified. Zero funk. Made in terracotta amphorae. Hand-harvested grapes, wild yeast, full malolactic fermentation. Unfined, unfiltered - with just a whisper of sulfur at bottling.

+ PROFILE: Dry and fuller-bodied. Citrus blossom, Meyer lemon, ripe peach, pear, mango, minerally. Drink off-chilled, e.g. at least 20 minutes out of the fridge to allow the flavors to develop. A mere 50 cases produced annually. Gift- and age-worthy. 

+ FUN FACT: Winemaker, Cyril de Benoist de Gentissart, is fastidious in the fields and cellars. He is experimenting with sonic stimulation of his vines; using speakers that emit tonal sounds for his vines to promote circulation and nourish his ecosystem. 


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