Iruai, 'Cosmic Cowboy' Cabernet Sauvignon 2021

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Welcome to Cosmic Cowboy Country 

If this ain't your bottle for binge-watching Yellowstone, we don't know what is! 

Here's what the winemakers have to say about this wine. Not sure we could better encapsulate its ethos. Lighter on its feet than the usual Cabernet, this wine has loads of 'California Alpine' vibes. 

'This isn't your Boomer Uncle's Cabernet Sauvignon that comes in a ten pound bottle, and smells like a freshly burnt oak barrel with hints of douche chills. Born out of a desire to channel the psychic terroir of our new rural home and rancher neighbors: we made some rugged, old school Cab Sauv to pour with them when they bust out the home grown grass fed beef.

"Cosmic Cowboy" is a reference to the musical ideology of Gram Parsons. It's the genre he saw as a fusion of the many folkways of Americana: Country, Folk, Soul and Rhythm & Blues. Unlike the "Cowboy" as a literal occupation, or a culturally conservative adoption of the trappings of an esoteric "simpler time" — the "cosmic cowboy" is the free-thinking transcendental jus of the melting pot of America. The marrying of these distinctive vibes can also be summed up as: my conservative Grandpa really loves Willie Nelson, but also Willie Nelson smokes a lot of pot. "Cosmic Cowboy" taps into big road trip energy, taking in the grand evolving landscape of the West, and churning out the Great American Novel at roadside diners along the way.'

'Our Cab Sauv trades in the jammy fruit and cedar box of your uncle's wine fridge, for fresh plums and berries, saddle leather, and wafts of tabacco pouch. Our Cab Sauv isn't a stock broker out for a "power lunch," it's a long haired alien in a nudie suit taking their space Cadillac out for a spin. The stars are shining bright out on the pasture tonight, as above so below. 400 cases produced.'

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