Kamara Kioutsouki, Retsina (NV) - 500mL

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And Now, For Something Totally Different
What's old is new again. Retsina style wines are fermented with the addition of pine resin, which imparts a unique flavor profile. This is an ancient style of winemaking, and a little out there! 1/2 liter size. 

GRAPES: Assyrtiko and Roditis from a small family producer

FUNDAMENTALS: Organic, natural, native yeast, all stainless-steel winemaking, extended lees aging, low sulfur

PROFILE:  Pinewood, citrus, herbaceous, fresh mint, orange blossom, saline finish. Surprising acidity. 

PAIRINGS: Greek salads! Olives, tinned sardines, salty cheeses, briny foods, or just as an aperitif

FUN FACT: A lot of industrially produced retsina is plonk, and frankly, unpalatable. This is the opposite of that. While it's an acquired taste, Kamara makes a retsina in a clean, fun, and approachable style worth a try. 

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