Les Vins Contes, Poivre et Sel 2020

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GRAPES: 80% Pineau d'Aunis - an unsung hero of the Loire Valley in France - and 20% Gamay. Organic, old-vine (80+ years). 

FUNDAMENTALS: Natural winemaking. Semi-carbonic, whole-cluster vinification using carbon dioxide. Co-fermented, all native yeast. Unfined, unfiltered. Never seen a drop of sulfur. 

PROFILE: Freshly cracked black pepper, Himalayan pink salt, earthy, waxy, black tea. Notable - albeit balanced - in the tannins department. 

PAIRINGS: This is a serious, complex, utterly pleasant food wine. A fine alternative to Pinot Noir for the adventurous. Enjoy with a light chill. 

FUN FACT: Winemaker, Olivier Lemasson, was a sommelier in Paris before heeding his calling as a natural winemaker. 

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