Montecariano, 'Amandorlato' Veneto Rosso Passito 2012 - 500mL

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+ GRAPES: Corvina and Corvinone 70%, Rondinella 15%, Molinara and Pelara 15%.
+ FUNDAMENTALS: Harvested in mid-September, exclusively by hand. This is a ‘passito’ wine, whereby the grape clusters are let to rest in special drying rooms for approximately 20 weeks before being destemmed and fermented in temperature-controlled stainless steel tanks for 1.5 months.  This ensures that the sugar content is in balance with the wine. The wine is then aged in a combination of small and large barrels.
+ PROFILE: Rich and round, evocative of a red-fruit compote. Black cherry, morello cherry and dried fruit they are intertwined with spices, cocoa, and almond flavors. Velvety tannins and exceptionally long finish.
+ PAIRINGS: Excels with wild game dishes, strong and blue cheeses, and chocolate-based desserts.

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