Ostinato, Marsala Fine Ambra Secco - 500mL

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Organic. Dry. Tiny, artisanal producer.
Note: I'm a 500mL bottle (3/4 of a standard wine bottle)!

Flavor profile: Lightly oxidative, with notes of tamarind, grilled apricot, Valencia orange and sea salt. Vinous. It'll keep for 4-6 months when refrigerated. 

Pairings: Bring on the salume, and any manner of bold, soft cheese such as Taleggio and Robiola, or Pecorino. 

But what do I do with this? 
It's delicious all on its own. But, we also love to sauté mushrooms with marsala, wild thyme, and a pinch of pepperoncini. Or try a 1:1 cocktail using Marsala and a London Dry Gin (Hayman's is great). 

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