SFERA, Litro Bianco (NV) - 1L

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Outtasight White

+ GRAPE: 100% Cortese, grown in Piemonte [the grape that makes Gavi]

+ PRODUCER: Crotin

+ FUNDAMENTALS: Certified organic. Clean and balanced. Wild yeast, all stainless steel winemaking (e.g. no oak). Spends some time on the lees. Unfined, unfiltered, and low sulfur. 

+ PROFILE: Dry. Crisp apple skin, golden delicious, sea salt, fresh mint. Loads of texture. Easy drinking and pairs with just about anything. 

+ FUN FACT: 'Sfera' is short for atmosfera ['atmosphere' in Italian]. This series will feature a rotating cast of winemakers dedicated to making decidedly drinkable liters of everyday Italian wines. 

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