La Ferme d'Hotte, 'Brut Tradition' Cidre (NV) - 750mL

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A bit of that fresh-and-funky style of French cider...leans into Basque cider vibes, despite the the black-tie packaging. 

+ FRUIT: Produced from four native apple varieties grown on the farm in Aube, France. Here, some of the first apple ciders in France were produced in an area known as the Pays d’Othe (40 mins outside Chablis).

+ PROFILE: The cider is fruit driven, balanced by bristling acidity reminiscent of a great Vouvray 'Sec-Tendre,' - yet with a charming rusticity. Tangy apple, prickly spices, mineral-flinty tones.

+ FUNDAMENTALS: The apples are pressed immediately after harvesting, then fermented spontaneously in stainless steel. Bottled for secondary fermentation several months after the harvest, the bubbles are formed via the addition of a small amount of unfermented and unfiltered apple juice to the still-sweet cider just before being capped.

+ BY THE NUMBERS: The finished product contains ~25g/L of residual sugar, a super-low pH of 3.3-3.5, and 6.5% ABV.


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