Vino di Anna, 'Vendredi 13' Sicilia Rosso 2021

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Woman-winemaker, Anna Martens, blended her way into pure alchemy in a challenging vintage. The whole is truly greater than the sum of its parts in this case! 

+ GRAPES: Organic. 90% Nerello Mascalese, 5% Nerello Cappuccio/Alicante (Grenache), roughly 5% white indigenous Etnean grapes (Grecanico, Minnella Bianca and Carricante). Grown in terraced vineyards high on the north face of Mt. Etna.

2021 was an extremely hot and dry year on Etna, which resulted in a low-yielding harvest of ripe, healthy grapes. However, sugar levels were higher than normal and the skins of the red grapes were thicker and more tannic. As a result, we needed to modify our vinification practices.

In order to produce a balanced wine, we decided to blend the wines that usually would be destined for our Palmento Rosso and Jeudi 15 Rosato labels, along with a white wine made from old bush vines of Grecanico, Carricante and Minnella, some with skin-contact.

‘Vendredi 13’ Rosso is the result. Named, tongue-in-cheek, to reflect the challenging year of 2021 for all; for some, Friday the 13th is considered unlucky while for others, it’s a day to celebrate!

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