Abbia Nova, 'Senza Vandalismi' Cesanese 2021

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In translation, 'Senza Vandalismi' means 'without vandalism'. Here, it's a reference is to the winery's choice to minimize added sulphur that they feel that dulls the vibrant, living nature of the wine.

+ GRAPE: Biodynamic. 100% Cesanese d’Affile, a heritage grape, grown on limestone 30 miles outside of Rome, Italy.

+ PROFILE: Dry, medium bodied. Earthy berry, blackberry - fruit and seeds - and a whisper of smoke. Fresh and extra pleasant with a light chill. Bright acidity and lightly tannic finish, characteristic of the grape. 

+ FUNDAMENTALS: Hand-harvested grapes vinified in stainless steel and concrete for freshness, with wild yeast. Unfined/filtered, and less than 30g/L sulfur. Vegan. 13.5% ABV. 

+ FUN FACT: The name 'Abbia Nova' is reference to an ancient Roman road that connected Piglio with Abruzzo. 

Cousins Daniele and Pierluca Proietti are from Piglio, south of Rome in the Lazio region. They own seven hectares of vineyards, divided into many small parcels on the most important crus of Cesanese del Piglio DOCG.

All the vineyards are in the town of Piglio, where viticulture dates back to the Roman Empire. In this area, Cesanese has been growing for the past 500 years (!). The winemaking is in a natural, hands-off manner.  That's not to say they are funky: Abbia Nova believes that the wines need to stand on their own legs, without external aid, and must be elegant and strong yet graceful.


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