Anno Domini, Organic Prosecco Frizzante (NV)

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Exceptionally balanced, delightfully dry. 

+ GRAPES: 85% Glera, with the 15% balance a blend of Pinot Grigio, Pinot Bianco and other locally grown varietals. Practicing organic. 

+ PROFILE: Dry. White grapes, crisp yellow apple, dry pear cider. An alkaline, smooth finish. 

+ LIGHTLY FIZZY! I'm best enjoyed on my own (vs. blended in a spritz) due to the delicate nature of my bubbles. 

+ FUN FACT: This Prosecco is delicately sparkling, with persistent bubbles. Because the finished wine has less than three atmospheric pressures of effervescence, it is bottled under 'tappo spago' - the traditional cork enclosure fixed with a string (vs. a metal cage). 

P.S. I'm vegan! 

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