Bozal, Ensamble Mezcal - 750mL

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An ensamble of wild (Barril + Mexicano) and cultivated (Espadín) agaves. Light smoke, herbaceous, citrus, and floral notes.

+ Espadin: The Espadín agave, known as the genetic Mother of the Blue Weber Agave, is used to produce tequila, and is also the predominant agave used in mezcal production. Unique in itself, the characteristics of this agave showcase the aromas of wet earth, a rich smokiness on the mid-palate, and a finish reminiscent of wild flowers.

+ Barril: This thick-foliaged, wild agave, often used as fencing to divide land in Oaxaca, intensifies the complexity of this mezcal. As citrus and floral notes arise, hints of green peppers compliment the nose. The palate is a delightful balance of citrus and creamy banana.

+ Mexicano: The Mexicano agave thrives in the moist environment of lower elevations. This wild agave can grow quite large and is usually harvested when close to ten years of age. The concentration of sugar in the fully mature agave produces an extremely powerful mezcal.

On the steep precarious hillsides of Oaxaca and Guerrero, several varieties of agave, indigenous to the region, grow wild - and are heavily sought after by the local mezcaleros. These varietals produce flavors that are exotically intense, with rich earth tones and savory smokiness. From the heart of the maguey these flavors are traditionally extracted to produce mezcal that is wildly refined. 


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