Broc Cellars, 'Perfect Red' Cabernet 2022

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Bold move calling your wine the 'Perfect Red', but winemaker Chris Brockway is onto something. In addition to being an all-around good human, he's produced a wine that ticks so many boxes for responsible winemaking, balance, and utter drinkability.

+ GRAPES: Organic. 75% Cabernet Sauvignon; 25% Cabernet Franc grown outside of Napa in Northern California.

+ PROFILE: Dry, but juicy, and very nicely balanced. Dark fruit - black raspberry, black plum, Marionberry - meets Cubanelle pepper and cedar. Soft tannins. Give me a very slight chill.

+ FUNDAMENTALS: Grapes are harvested at lower brix for freshness. Mostly destemmed, some wholecluster. Fermented with wild yeast and pressed early to soften the tannins. 13% ABV.

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