Chandra Kurt, Geneva Chasselas 'Glou Glou' 2021

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From the undeniable queen of Chasselas! Winemaker/critic/educator, Chandra Kurt, literally wrote the book on this fascinating and quintessential Swiss varietal: Chasselas – from Féchy to Dézaley – A Journey to Discover the Treasures of the Vaud Vineyards.

+ GRAPE: 100% Chasselas. Sustainable farming in Geneva, Switzerland. 25-year average vine age. 

+ PROFILE: Refreshing, 'glou glou' easy-street style wine. Softly citrusy, green apple and pear, river rocks and bright acidity. A whisper of effervescence from the trapped C02 captured during fermentation. 

+ PAIRINGS: Fondue of course! But also cream-based fish dishes, potato gratin, and savory tarts. 

+ FUNDAMENTALS: Hand-harvested. Slow, cold fermentation entirely in stainless steel. Aged two months in tank.

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