Domaine Courbet, Cotes du Jura Tradition 2020

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Drinking this lovely Jura white on the regular is a tradition we could get behind. 

+ GRAPES: Organic, biodynamic farming. 75% Chardonnay + 25% Savagnin [no, not a typo!]. Grown in the Jura region of France. The Savagnin is planted on calcareous-clay soil with grey marl that heralds back from Jurassic era ~200 million years ago, whereas the Chardonnay is on light soil and chalky stone.

+ PROFILE: Very dry. Full-bodied, super textural.  almond-shell, olive-brine, nutty, savory, saline-minerals, lightly spicy. Think sherry fino vibes. 

+ FUNDAMENTALS: Hand-harvested grapes, wild-yeast fermentation. Here's where things get interesting: The Savagnin is fermented in tank and aged under veil for 8-15 months, whereas the Chardonnay is fermented and aged in oak barrels and topped off ['ouille']. The two are then blended a month before bottling. 490 cases made.

Run by father-son teamL Jean-Marie and Damien Courbet, respectively. The estate has 7.5 hectares of vineyards, half of which are located on the slopes directly below the famous village of Château-Chalon - arguably the greatest appellation of the region. Additional vineyards are located nearby in the communes of Domblans and Menétru.

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