G.D. Vajra, Clare J.C. Langhe Nebbiolo 2023

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I'm a lighter, fresher style of Nebbiolo! Produced from the fruit of younger vines, Claré JC is Vajra's take on the forgotten days of Nebbiolo. A unique take and style. 

+ GRAPE: Organic. 100% young-vine Nebbiolo. 

+ PROFILE: Dry, but with expressive fruit. On the nose: mountain berries, raspberry, purple iris. On the palate: fresh, soft crunchy red berries, orange peel, raspberry, crisp black cherry. Bright acidity on the tail. 

+ FUNDAMENTALS: The winemaking follows protocols based on the writings G.B. Croce dating back to 1606. The wine is fermented using carbonic maceration, which lends a whisper of a suggestion of effervescence. Very short aging in stainless steel before bottling young, and early. 

+ PAIRINGS: This is an awesome, transitional season wine. Enjoy with a light chill. Makes an ideal companion to anything from the grill. Hello BBQ season! 

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