Julien Fremont/Fortmanel, Poire Cidre Brut Natur - 750mL

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Julien Frémont, cider and Calvados maker extraordinaire, is at the head of Domaine du Fort Manel. This family estate has been producing traditional local products since the early 1700s (!). It's like drinking a piece of history. 

+ FRUIT: Organic and biodynamic pears, grown in Normandy, France.

+ PROFILE: Bone dry, lightly sparkling. Crisp green pear, Bosc pear; finishes with bright acidity, and a long, lightly tannic finish. 

+ FUNDAMENTALS: Pears are hand-harvested and left to dry for several weeks. They are then pressed in the family's ancient press, and left to ferment and age in old wooden barrels. No fining, filtration or additions of sulphur or any other additives. 


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