Kamara Kioutsouki, Retsina (NV) - 500mL

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Retsina style wines are fermented with the addition of Aleppo pine resin, which imparts a unique flavor profile. This is an ancient style of Greek winemaking, and a little out there! Half-liter size bottle. 

+ GRAPES: Organic. 50% Assyrtiko + 50% Roditis from a small family producer in Macedonia, Greece.

+ PROFILE:  Pinewood, citrus, herbaceous, fresh mint, orange blossom, saline finish. Surprising acidity. 

+ FUNDAMENTALS: Old-school production. Grapes are destemmed, followed by cool fermentation in stainless steel tanks using wild yeast. Small pieces of pine resin are added to the must during fermentation, which imparts Retsina's unique character and aroma. Extended lees aging. Low sulfites. 

+ PAIRINGS: Greek salads! Olives, tinned fish, grilled calamari, salty cheeses, briny foods, or just as an interesting aperitif. 

+ WE SAY: A lot of industrially produced Retsina is plonk, and frankly, unpalatable. This is the opposite of that. While it's an acquired taste, Kamara makes a Retsina in a clean, fun, and approachable style worthy of exploration.

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