Kings County Distillery, Blended Bourbon - 200mL

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+ WHAT: A blend of house-distilled bourbon, corn whiskey, rye, and single malt
+ PROFILE: Light, approachable, and cocktail-friendly bottling
+ TECHNICALS: 43% alcohol by volume; blend of 2-4 year whisky

Via our friends at Kings County Distillery:
'Rarely associated with American distillers, blended whiskey usually calls to mind light-style, crowd-pleasing scotch or Canadian whiskies. While aiming to innovate within that tradition, we set about to create the American analog to those reliable and endlessly versatile spirits.

By law, blended bourbon must use 51% straight bourbon, but the open-ended definition allows the KCD blending team to use the full breadth of our mature inventory to craft a complex and purposeful flavor profile. With notes of honey, caramel, and rye pepper, this whiskey shows what can be achieved through the use of quality ingredients, careful distilling, and creative blending. 

Our Blended Bourbon is a whiskey for nearly every occasion: complex enough for daily sipping, robust enough for cocktails and highballs, yet approachable enough to accompany a cold beer. It is never sourced and always blended from a variety of aged whiskeys in our inventory. This whiskey is at once a reflection of our ongoing exploration of world distilling traditions as well as a thoughtful revival of an all-but-lost category of American whiskey.'




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