Lalo, Super-Premium Blanco Tequila - 750mL

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+ MADE WITH LOVE: Zero additives - which is more rare than you may think. Just 100% pure blue agave from 8+ year old plants, well water, and the distiller's proprietary Champagne yeast. 

+ FAMILY DISTILLERY: Owned by the Gonzales family for multiple generations, they use stone-oven cooked agave, open-vat fermentation and a copper still to craft this super-premium blanco. 

+ PROFILE: Platinum in color. Full body and viscous texture. 40% ABV. 

+ NOSE: Top notes of cooked agave, sweet potato, cinnamon and a hint of dulce de leche.

+ PALATE: Citrus, tropical fruit and a super clean, mineral finish

+ FUN FACT: They do not make a reposado or an anejo tequila, as they endeavor to have the agave characteristics shine through with purity. 

Each bottle of LALO is 100% pure blue agave. We distill only twice to maintain the integrity of our agave, and add no flavors or additives. With LALO, our ingredients are only agave, yeast and water to honor the complex essence of agave.


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