Les Athletes du Vin, Pineau d'Aunis 2022

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Not Pinot Noir, but something a touch more lithe, peppery, and delightfully unusual...

+ GRAPE: 100% sustainable Pineau d'Aunis from Loire Valley, France. 

+ PROFILE: Dry. Light body. Black pepper, red cherry, raspberry leaf tisane, sarsaparilla, hippie candle wax (if you grew up in Norhtern California, you know what we're talking about :). Enjoy with a light chill. 

+ WINEMAKING: Wild yeast, stainless steel fermentation and concrete aging (zero oak). Low sulfur. 

+ PAIRINGS: White beans with sage; white sausage; French bistro fare. Hello hanger steak!

+ PETIT VIN: A mere 833 cases produced.

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