Les Lunes, 'Astral' Blend 2022

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Astral Weeks
Ladies and gentlemen, we are floating into space*. 

GRAPES: 20% Pinot Noir, 6% Zinfandel, 23% Zinfandel rosé, 16% carbonic Zinfandel, 11% Sangiovese, 17% Chenin Blanc, 7% Colombard (no, we didn't make that up). 

FUNDAMENTALS: Organic. Native yeast. Fiberglass and oak vinification. Low sulfur, at bottling. 755 cases made. 

PROFILE: Light body, medium dry. Purple fruit, forest berries, medium tannins and zippy acidity. This is picnic wine. Enjoy with a chill. 

FUN FACTS: From the same folks that make the always thought-provoking Populis wines. This is lifted directly from their website

"We're back on Mars, crossing into oblivion. Crosses the line between white, orange, rose, red. The Astral Plane is the metaphysical boundary that separates the earth from the heavens. One must shed the norms and accepted traditions in order to free one’s mind to break through this plane into the heavens. The combination of rosé, white, and red wines creates a category-less wine that subverts definition...

Les Lunes Wine has always focused on vineyards and farming. The 2020 Astral Blend is a slightly different interpretation of Les Lunes’ estate vineyards in that the intention of the wine is to be light, fresh, and quaffable. This wine demonstrates a more playful side of their in-house farmed vineyards. Through shorter macerations and aging the wine showcases the incredible fruit potential created by their thoughtful organic farming."

* Bonus points if you got the musical reference without Googling it...

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