EOV: LIOCO, Carignan Mendocino Rose 2022

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+ HAT TIP! Let me breathe a bit and rest out of the fridge for ~ 15 minutes for optimal enjoyment. 

+ GRAPE: 100% sustainably grown Carignan. Single-vineyard sourced from Bartolomei Vineyard in Mendocino. 

+ PROFILE: Very dry, slightly savory, bright acidity. On the nose - pink guava, grapefruit pith, rosemary blossom. Flavor vibes - Sungold tomato, white strawberry, and an earthy hibiscus. 

+ PAIRINGS: Pan-seared ruby trout, paella, anchovy toast.

+ FUNDAMENTALS: Hand-harvested, whole-cluster fermentation in stainless steel. Cool ferment, and slow malolactic fermentation. Light filtration for bottling. A mere 0.5g/L residual sugar (dry!). 12.5% ABV. 1300 cases made. 

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