Maneki Wanko, 'Lucky Dog' Sake Box - 180mL

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The New Takeout: Doggy Box
Time for a walk? Who wants a treat? 

WHAT: Sake meets adult juice box, sippy straw included

PROFILE: 6oz of silky smooth sake, Genshu style. Light body, medium dry. Honeydew notes, creamy grain, clean finish from the mineral-rich waters of Miyamizu. Enjoy chilled.

WHEN: Perfectly portable Tetra Pak makes this park and patio friendly

WHERE: You can drink in a box, you can drink it with a fox. You can drink it here, or drink it there. You can drink it anywhere.

FUN FACT: The name 'Maneki Wanko' is a play on Maneki Neko, e.g. the omnipresent 'Lucky Cats'


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