Marco Sara, 'Frank' Cabernet Franc 2021

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+ GRAPE: 100% Organic Cabernet Franc grown lovingly in Fruili, Italy

+ PROFILE: Dry, medium body. Super fresh, and delightfully soft. Our favorite type of Cabernet Franc that's more fruit than green-toned. Ripe big strawberry, plush red-plum, black pepper. Finishes with some delightful raspberry-seed tannins (e.g. a little grip), and pretty acidity. Enjoy with 10-15 mins in the fridge to reach 'cellar temperature'. 

+ FUNDAMENTALS: Vinified with wild yeast in a combination of steel-oak, then finished in large neutral barrels. Unfined/unfiltered. A mere 300 cases made. 

+ PAIRINGS: Earthy fare such as mushroom dishes, legumes - or a lovely cut of grilled meat. Burgers included :) 

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