Monte Dall'Ora, Vino Nato Disobbediente 2022- 1L

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That's the rough Italian translation of this wine's name. Classic Veneto Amarone producers make this fantastic vino quotadiano: a fresh, delicious red blend that graces their own tables, in a seriously quaffable liter format.

+ GRAPES: Biodynamic. 60% Corvinone. 40% Molinara. All estate fruit, surrounding a robust natural habitat full of wild plants, flowers, herbs, trees and woodland creatures. Free-run juice. 

+ PROFILE: Dry, light-medium body. Delightfully smooth and velvety, with dusty cherry, crunchy forest berry, fresh mossy forest, herbal-rosemary tones. Bright acidity. Serve with a light chill. 

+ FUNDAMENTALS: Hand-harvested. Wild yeast. Aged in concrete for 3-4 months. Unfined, unfiltered and zero added sulfur. Low, 10.5% ABV.

+ FUN FACT: Corvinone has been previously thought to be a biotype of Corvina, the theory being that it was a relation/variation on the same grape, but DNA profiling back from 1993 suggests that it is its own unique varietal.

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