Petershof, Riesling Feinherb 'Vineyard Project 005' 2022

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+ BY THE NUMBERS: 21 grams residual sugar, balanced by 10 grams total acidity. ABV: 9.5%
“In these great and exceedingly rare wines of the Saar there is a combination of qualities which I can probably best describe as indescribable – austerity coupled with delicacy and extreme finesse.”
Peter Thelen was lucky enough to come across some pretty vaunted vineyards in one of the coolest parts of the Saar, made famous in the last decade by Hofgut Falkenstein. We are so happy to be partnering with this small young estate.
In 2021 this is a textbook Saar off-dry, a curious relative of Lauer’s “Barrel X.” Where the “Barrel X” is a bit more expansive and textural, the Vineyard Project is compact, dense and rich with mid-palate fruit – super juicy and mouthwatering. The statistics are about the same – 21 grams of residual sugar with riveting 10 grams of acidity – yet the presentation is different.
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