Seehof, 'Elektrisch' Riesling Kabinett 2023

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+ GRAPE: 100% Riesling. Grown in the Rheinhessen, Germany. 

+ PROFILE: I'm fruit-forward - but finish nice and dry, with steely acidity. Pair me with spicy food!

'Elektrisch' translates to, yup you guessed it, electric – and that’s how we like our Kabinetts. Which is to say, lighter, more delicate, less sweet and more acid-driven than a lot of the Kabinetts on the market, which are really little more than de-classified Spätlese. In our opinion, that’s like taking a stick of butter and calling it mineral water.

The 'Elektrisch' is made by Florian Fauth of Weingut Seehof and is mostly (about 70%) sourced from the estates’ holdings. While the leaner price might suggest lower quality fruit, that’s really not the case. Most of the fruit comes from the Aulerde, one of the Grand Cru sites of Westhofen. Both Klaus Peter Keller, Florian’s brother-in-law, and Philip Wittmann farm parcels in the Aulerde: this vineyard is the real deal. Roughly 30% of the fruit is not “sourced,” in the generic and dirty-sounding way that word is often used, but rather bought from Florian’s good friends in the village.

It is electric with vivid and mouth-watering granny smith apple and citrus and a live-wire of minerality and acidity nearly pulsating through it.

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