Tonello, 'Io Cloe' Veneto Durella 2021

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I'm a fantastic Sancerre alternative from the Veneto region of Italy.

+ GRAPE: 100% organic Durella. Estate fruit, volcanic soil.

+ PROFILE: Dry. Light-medium body. Lemon chiffon, green apple, touch of flint on the mineral-saline finish. Super fresh + crisp. 

+ WINEMAKING: Woman winemaker. Wild yeast, stainless steel fermentation - followed by 1 year in concrete and and an additional year in bottle. 

+ PAIRINGS: I pair beautifully with fish, or all on my own if you're into crisp, minerally whites

+ FUN FACT: 'Cloe' is another name for Demeter, the goddess of the harvest ('Io Cloe' translates to 'I am Cloe' in Italian)

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