Via Carota, Espresso Martini Craft Cocktail - 375mL

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Seriously elevated retro cocktail, ready to pour. Each 375mL bottle contains 4 proper-sized cocktails. 19.2% ABV.

The espresso martini traces its roots to the early 1980s. This version from the dynamic duo, Rita Sodi and Jody Williams of Via Carota fame, combines six-times distilled vodka with real espresso. It tastes as elegant as it looks on your bar cart (and we're seriously picky!). 

Via the Via Carota crew:
+ TASTING NOTES: A nose of chocolate, toffee, and dark fruit opens up to a silky beverage with hints of chicory, cherry, and dark chocolate.

+ SERVING: Serve cold, shake, pour, and garnish with fresh coffee beans for an elegant finish.

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