Vinas Mora, 'Barbba' Croatian Red Blend 2021

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+ GRAPES: Organic blend of coastal Croatian red grapes (Plavina, Lasin) and white grapes (Debit, Maraština)

+ PROFILE: Dry, light-bodied. High-toned with bright acidity. Tart cherry, crisp strawberry, and a mineral-saline finish. The fruit is tucked in there this vintage, but this is a summer crusher. 

+ PAIRING: Due the proximity to the Adriatic Sea, this wine lends itself to fish preparations (and other delights). Enjoy with a light chill. 

+ FUNDAMENTALS: Wild yeast, no fining or filtration. The wine is fermented and aged in old oak barrels, with just the tiniest touch of sulfur at bottling. 12% ABV. 

About Vinas Mora: 
A play on words in Croatian, the winery name means 'wines from the sea' because of the vineyard’s proximity to the Adriatic. Most of the growers involved farm vineyards only a few meters above sea level, where Babić vines literally grow in the rocks. Dry-stone walls separate the tiny plots with only three to four plants each, making it extremely challenging to farm and harvest here, not to mention impossible to use any machinery (all vineyard work is by hand, necessitated by the terrain).

The primary soil, crvenica (better known as 'terra rosa' in Carso), created by the dissolution of limestone and dolomite, is hard and tight, with very little humus. Nonetheless, the clay component allows it to absorb and keep the water long enough to keep vines hydrated during the long, hot, and dry Mediterranean summers.

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