Widow Jane, 'Baby Jane' Blended Bourbon Whiskey - 750mL

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Local distillery, Widow Jane, has a new kid on the block. Made entirely from the Widow Jane's proprietary, heirloom varietal of non-GMO corn, 'Baby Jane'. 

+ AROMA:  Salty Air, Green Grape, Honeycomb, Cream Soda

+ TASTE:  Strawberries & Cream Taffy, Salted Caramel, Fresh Fig, Allspice, Cafe au Lait

+ FINISH:  Peach Compote, Star Anise, Cut Hay, Horchata, Soft Pretzel, Milk Chocolate

Baby Jane is a bourbon whiskey made from our own unique heirloom corn, “Baby Jane." This unique corn has depth, sweetness and creamy-spiciness that makes Baby Jane Bourbon truly different. Distilled by Widow Jane Distillery in Red Hook, Brooklyn and in Kentucky.

This is true, small-batch bourbon; hand-assembled in Brooklyn, blended only a few barrels at a time. Non-chill filtered and proofed with our own mineral water from the legendary Rosendale mines of New York.

In the pursuit of intense and original flavors, our team set out to create a new generation of heirloom corn. The early growing years were curated by our team, with only the finest kernels selected for eventual growth in the fields. Years later, that corn – proprietary to Widow Jane - was harvested, driven to Red Hook and mashed, fermented & distilled, and placed into new, charred American oak barrels.

The wait was a test of endurance, but the payoff? Exquisite. Because when you start with the finest raw materials, the result is extraordinary bourbon.





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